At Kelly Brothers Construction, we’re not just building structures, we’re building a better future. And in that future, drones are playing a key role in making our construction processes greener, safer, and more efficient.

As you may have seen on our YouTube and social media channels, we’re increasingly showcasing the power of drone surveys in our projects.

“Drone” searches skyrocketed 56% in the last decade? That’s no surprise! These formerly futuristic tools are now generating real results on the ground, saving big bucks and making a positive impact on the environment.

Here’s how drones are transforming our work:

  • Minimising waste: Gone are the days of inaccurate material estimates that lead to costly overages. With real-time drone stockpiles, we’ve achieved a staggering 61% improvement in measurement accuracy. That means less waste, less cost, and less environmental impact.
  • Boosting safety: Construction is inherently risky, but drones are helping us mitigate those risks. By sending drones into dangerous areas for surveying and inspections, we’re keeping our workers safe, and that’s priceless. In fact, the industry has seen a 55% jump in safety standards thanks to drone technology.
  • Building greener: Drones help us meticulously monitor environmental factors like soil erosion and vegetation cover, ensuring we minimise our impact on the surrounding environment. We’re also exploring how drones can be used for tasks like planting trees and restoring habitats, truly building green from the ground up.

Drones are just one piece of our commitment to sustainable construction. We’re constantly innovating, collaborating with industry leaders, and embracing new technologies to build a better tomorrow.

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Together, let’s build the future, one drone flight at a time!