At Kelly Brothers Building Contractors, we’re facing unprecedented challenges in the current construction landscape. Material shortages are rampant, and costs are skyrocketing, impacting everything from timber and plywood to steel and aluminium.

Over 90% of builders, including ourselves, are struggling to source essential materials, and even when we find them, the sticker shock is undeniable. Appliances, oriented strand board (OSB), and plywood have become particularly scarce and expensive, pushing project timelines and budgets to the limit.

Industry reports paint a worrying picture:

Prices for construction materials rose nearly 17% since June 2021, with diesel fuel, asphalt roofing, and plastic products experiencing the steepest hikes.

Aluminum demand and cost are soaring, with prices hitting record highs at £2,544 per tonne in 2022.

Steel is no exception, with prices tripling in the past year and expected to remain elevated at £480 per metric tonne.

These challenges are not just impacting our bottom line but also our ability to deliver projects on time and within budget. We understand the frustration this causes our clients, and we want to assure you that we’re actively navigating this storm.

Here’s how Kelly Brothers Building Contractors is adapting

Proactive communication: We’re keeping our clients informed about every step of the process, including potential delays and cost adjustments due to material availability and pricing fluctuations.

Exploring alternative materials: Our team is constantly researching and sourcing alternative materials that meet project requirements without compromising quality, even if it means getting creative.

Building strong supplier relationships: We’re partnering with reliable suppliers who can offer competitive pricing and consistent delivery schedules.Optimising project planning: We’re meticulously reviewing project timelines and budgets, implementing lean practices to minimise waste and maximise efficiency.

We understand that building your dream project is an investment, and we’re committed to delivering the highest quality and value despite these challenging market conditions. Transparency, innovation, and collaboration are our guiding principles as we navigate these unprecedented times together.