Purpose built units for commercial use.

With a strong track record of providing commercial units, for industry, education and leisure, Kelly Brothers continues to achieve excellence through design, build fitouts and refurbishments on commercial premises for all our clients.


Live Environments

Kelly Brothers have a lot of experience in working within a live environment and working around pre-existing businesses that are continuing to operate within the community.


Brand Experience

Great consideration is taken into the client’s needs and expectations to ensure that we deliver the best possible outcome and use our Brand Experience to provide great customer service.



We value communication and have ongoing debriefs with both the client and design team to make sure we are meeting expectations and using our highly skilled teams effectively while keeping an open mind to achieve excellence.

Our Mission

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Your business is our business. We build intuitive facilities and spaces where your business can lay foundations and flourish.

How we think and work.

Kelly Brothers offer a complete range of services, suited to your needs. We strive to deliver any project assigned to us in a timely manner. You will form a lasting relationship with us. Collaboration is central to what we do.


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